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Who Are Sage Hill Clients?
Below are examples of clients who have utilized Sage Hill's expert financial guidance.

George & Patricia
George is one of the most successful franchisees in The United States. Additionally, he owns significant real estate and a management entity, both with significant value. Patricia is a stay-at-home mother …. George and Patricia have two teenage children.

George has engaged very professional attorneys (corporate, estate planning), CPAs, and insurance professionals in the past. However, his personal net worth (approaching $100,000,000) had lacked strategic direction and management. As a successful businessman, he was attracted to Sage Hill's client management protocols (Strategic – Tactical – Execution – Management).

Sage Hill's responsibility is to apply its disciplined approach to multiple tasks in its relationship with George and Patricia, including:

  • Succession Plan for their son to succeed George in the future leadership of the business
  • Estate Plan to enable transfer of the business without tax imposition, and to accommodate legacies for their children who are not going to be involved in the business as well
  • Income tax strategies to enable distributions to George with the least burdensome tax
  • Business forecasting to enable accurate projections of free cash flow and sound business valuations
  • Managing investment assets to fulfill financial independence needs
  • Protecting personal wealth from financial risk
  • Ensuring that all functions are consistent with the strategic plan

Jon & Kate
Jon, a retired Fortune 500 Company Chairman & CEO, is currently on numerous corporate boards and the board of a major university. Jon is a passionate parent with Kate of a 16 year old son…Jon has four children from his prior marriage whom he sincerely cares for. Kate is an artist and philanthropist.

Clients since 1996, Phil Toffel of Sage Hill was originally engaged by Jon to solve an intricate income tax issue stemming from the spin-off of the subsidiary company of which Jon was CEO. From there, Phil and Sage Hill manage all tax, estate planning, investment management, cash flow management, risk protection, and all financial issues for Jon & Kate, their trusts, and Jon's entrepreneurial entity.

Protecting Jon & Kate's financial independence against all risks (financial markets, interest rates, credit, inflation, and liability) is Sage Hill's overarching responsibility … and the benchmark against which it manages the assets which support their lifestyle.

Clay & Anna
Clay is a retired scientist in his early 60's; Anna is a fully employed nurse in her 50's. Clay has had some health issues, which "make me acknowledge my mortality and reinforce my desire to live without unnecessary financial worry." They have done well and have accumulated $3,000,000 in investments…yet their past experience was very splintered with very little knowledge of their financial independence status, investment risk or performance.

Sage Hill's charge for them has been to analyze their financial needs to live their lifestyle comfortably and free of worry as much as possible. In that vein, Sage Hill's immediate focus was to assist Clay and Anna account for their operating cost of living, sources of income, inflation rates on each, and future capital needs. After arriving at the present value of their needs, a portfolio was designed through various investment firms' offerings to provide for stable income, modest growth needs, and minimal risk of loss of capital. Their investment portfolio has remained very stable through recent years' financial market volatility and thus enabled Clay and Anna to remain relaxed and confident of their financial independence remaining intact.

Sage Hill's completely unbiased management protocols assure our clients maximized value for their investment funds.

Joan is a widow of a long-time vice chairman of a major company, who had accumulated significant wealth over his very successful career. Her husband, Ron, died very prematurely, leaving Joan and her two grown children.

Prior to engaging Sage Hill, Ron had engaged a major investment bank to manage their financial assets and provide advice regarding his executive benefit and compensation options, estate planning and tactical financial issues. He became very disappointed in their lack of neither depth nor thoughtful approach to his financial well being. He was referred to Sage Hill by a close friend and business colleague.

Sage Hill designed a financial strategic and tactical plan to preserve Ron and Joan's financial independence, implemented and managed their financial assets in concert with the strategic plan, and designed an estate plan to reflect Ron's thoughtful plan for his legacy for Joan and their children. Within that plan, Sage Hill helped Ron develop a very personal letter to his trustee and met with Ron and Ron's family regarding how he wished them to carry out his wishes. This plan has been extremely important to his family as a clear vision and mentoring for them to assist in guiding their future. Sage Hill has worked very closely with Ron's family and the trustee to transition to their independent management, enabling Joan to be financially independent through her remaining years and provide the children with a significant foundation for their future.

Ron is fondly remembered by his family and by Sage Hill. His thoughtful legacy has left a highly positive mark on his family's lives!

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Client Relationship Summary

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