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Our Sage Hill Reflections...

Key Questions
for the Business Owner

For you as a family business founder, developer, worrier-at-three a.m.-er, and successful "strategizor"...
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How to store your important documents
and protect your identity….
Sage, Safe & Sound
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“For me and for our family, Phil was able to move mountains. He was able to guide us in a manner that put us in a position to transition from first generation to second generation and beyond in an efficient manner and left all stakeholders feeling good about the outcomes.”

We have spent our careers working with clients just like you – successful people who lead
fast-paced lives. Our clients look to us for advice on growing and preserving financial assets and preparing to transfer wealth to heirs. Our mission is to enable you to have a disciplined, thoughtful, practical plan...i.e. strategic-tactical-execution-management...experience...with results.

The Sage Hill Mission
Our uncompromising mission is

  • to always put our clients' interests first
  • to advocate on behalf of our clients with third party sub-advisors and product providers
  • to collaborate with other professionals to achieve results for our clients
  • to be technically thorough
  • to evaluate and sensitively guard our clients' financial well-being against risk of loss
  • to assume proactive responsibility towards achieving action and results
  • to always be humanly responsible and sensitive to the very important impact of our counsel and management upon our clients' personal lives and family relationships

We Know That Wealth Creates Complexity As Well As Opportunity
Our approach to planning is different than you have ever experienced before. Most people think planning is about money. It's about so much more. It's about you, your values, your family, and your relationships. As we have taken other clients through our discovery process, we have been amazed by the profound yet simple truths about life that become clear as they articulate what is important to them. As this process unfolds, you will clearly see the way to proceed to accomplish your goals for yourself and your loved ones. You will also better understand the planning that you have already done and recognize the areas where improvements are needed.

We created our firm to bring together the advice and resources you need to manage your wealth with confidence and ease. We bring over fifty years of experience in the financial services and legal worlds, helping people maximize the opportunities and minimize the challenges created by their wealth. Our team of client relationship professionals throughout the country and our resources in legal, tax, investments, insurances…even organizational psychology… are invaluable in our comprehensive, holistic support of Sage Hill clients.

If you've wondered about any of the following questions,
Sage Hill may be right for you.

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  What is important about money to you?

Are you taking more investment risk than necessary to meet your lifestyle goals?

Do you have a plan to disinherit the IRS and have your wealth go to your loved ones and favorite charities?

Would you make better decisions about your wealth if your team of legal, tax, investment and estate planning advisors had more direction from you about your values and goals?

Are you confident that your current planning provides a way for you to transfer knowledge, experience, ethics and wisdom to your family members?
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Securities transactions are offered through Halliday Financial, LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC.
All other services, including the financial advisory and investment advisory business of
Sage Hill Advisory and Management LLC are provided independently by Sage Hill Advisory and Management LLC.

Client Relationship Summary

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Sage Hill Advisory & Management
October - April | Brez at Atlantic Crossing, 40 NE 7th Avenue, Suite 464, Delray Beach, FL 33483
May - September | 55 Railroad Place, Suite 201, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Phone: 518.763.6338