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Sage Hill guides families to take advantage of the full range of opportunities that arise from realizing, protecting, growing and transferring wealth.

  • Strategic Financial Goal-Setting and Planning
  • Estate Planning and Management
  • Family Business "Exit" and Succession Planning and Management
  • Investment Portfolio Design and Management
  • Income Tax Planning and Management
  • Risk Management

Strategic Financial Goal Setting & Planning
We understand that each client family's needs and goals are unique...thus, the analysis for each family's technical challenge is custom-designed. However, we have created a series of protocols that we uphold for each client...for Sage Hill to adhere to ourselves, as well as to require of every professional whom we invite in to our client relationship to assist us. Below are links to some of our protocols.

Estate Planning & Management
It is important for our clients to recognize and truly understand the transfer tax and human impact of potential estate planning strategies. We have found it to be very possible to implement strategies and tactics within one's plan to carry through one's philosophy and ethics within a tax effective structure….through thoughtful dialogue, suggestions, and by asking the right questions we have been able to use the skills we have acquired through our experiences with other families and our constant study to benefit successful families around the country. Our clients have worked extremely hard to create extraordinary wealth; we are here to help you turn it into a thoughtful legacy.

Following are some of the ways we conduct our estate planning work for clients.
Please click the following link:
Estate Planning & Management Strategies

Investment Portfolio Design & Management
Hiring someone to help you manage your money is a difficult decision. As an investor, you receive mixed messages from financial outlets, and marketing hype which focuses solely on past performance. Our approach is different; we focus on you first and then the investments. We make it a priority to understand your cash flow requirements through the remainder of your lifetime, income tax situation, and risk tolerance. We also identify your objectives as they relate to financial support of heirs or charitable organizations. Through this process, we quantify and earmark assets to provide you with ample income to meet your current and future lifestyle goals, as well as funds needed for special purposes like new business ventures, grandchildren’s college education or the purchase of a secondary residence. With this analysis of lifestyle needs we can thoughtfully craft and manage your portfolio…with only the requisite risk.

Family Business "Exit" and Succession Planning & Management
According to the Family Firm Institute, only 30% of successful businesses survive to the second generation; only 12% to the third generation. Additionally, in over 70% of families with greater than $25,000,000 net worth, the wealth fails to exist by the third generation. Despite the extraordinary effort and ingenuity typically devoted by the business founder, the business' foundation dissipates for a multitude of reasons, such as:

  • forced sale due to lack of estate liquidity
  • poor estate planning
  • lack of sufficient mentoring of subsequent generation
  • conflicts among children and non-family company executives

Sage Hill's counsel and management enables the family to have a conscious choice to remain a family-owned business or to entertain other options from strength should it choose to. Sage's team of advisors and its collaborative of attorneys, investment bankers, and family coaches provide a coordinated process to provide for a successful and functional transition.

Planning ahead for a business owner's moving on from active management takes thoughtful consideration of technical strategies and taxes, tax considerations, consideration of successors, employees, and, oftentimes, impact on one's community. An "Exit" may mean succeeding to next generation of family, a sale to management or employees, an outright sale to third parties, or simply moving on to a Chairman of the Board role. But what happens if one becomes incapacitated, dies, or their energy & focus suddenly is required elsewhere?

Sage Hill is an active member of a national think tank, constantly studying various aspects of this unique discipline. On our team of chosen alliances are attorneys, compensation consultants, business valuation experts, investment bankers…even organizational psychologists. It is our charge to spearhead the goals of our clients and draw upon others' expertise as needed to attain that goal.

Following is an example of a business owner family's strategic agenda for our annual meeting and our roadmap for their business monetization. Please click the following link:
Business Succession Planning

Risk Management
Loss of business assets / cash flow; loss of your capability as the income provider for your family; loss of assets due to liability exposure; loss of asset value due to financial markets, interest rates, creditor defaults; loss of available cash flow due to extraordinary medical expenditures…within the overarching theme of Financial Independence Management, we seek to ameliorate as many of these risks as possible to enable our clients to live their lives and plan forward with as much clarity and predictability as possible. We see all-too-many insurance and investment products which clients had acquired in the past to have been poorly structured and irrelevant for the client's needs. We engage competing brokers after we have thoroughly analyzed the proper metrics for the instrument required to fulfill our client's needs.

Following is an example of our Sage Hill protocol on how we review and design a risk management plan of action for our clients. Please click on the link below to view:
Life Insurance Program Review

Income Tax Planning & Management
Business loss carrybacks; Capital Loss carryforwards; Alternative Minimum Tax; "Taxable" Municipal Bonds; Passive Loss Limitations…whether one owns a business or owns shareholdings or LLC interests in businesses, the impact of income taxes should be an important factor in your investment structure and cash flow plan. We work closely with our clients' tax preparers to forecast tax implications of various alternative scenarios.

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